TWC’s European subsidiary, Trans World Hotels & Entertainment (TWHE) operates the Company’s casinos under the registered brand name of AMERICAN CHANCE CASINOS® (ACC) with the goal of providing a fun and memorable gaming experience, friendly and professional services and a fashionable and relaxed American‐style atmosphere to its clientele.

The Company prides itself on managing its casinos efficiently and profitably and in conformity with all legal regulations and ethical considerations.

The casino units are strategically positioned in border towns.

  • Ceska Kubice is located on the Czech‐German border, approximately one hour east of Regensburg, Germany. 
  • Route 59 is on the Czech‐Austrian border near Znojmo, approximately 45 minutes north of Vienna, Austria. 
  • Route 55 is in Dolni Dvoriste, on the Czech‐Austrian border, approximately 30 minutes north of Linz, Austria.

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